Improve your cash flow and your patient relationships

For many patients, the world of medical billing is confusing and complex. To navigate it successfully, they need information that is simple, timely, and clear. For too long, approaches to self-pay challenges have ignored these realities. That is why we put patient service – not collections – at the heart of our self-pay solutions.

Are you confident your staff has the skills, time, and tools to handle the technical and personal nuances of self-pay receivables while reducing or even eliminating surprise billing? Our solutions can help you successfully liquidate your portfolio of self-pay receivables while maintaining positive patient relationships.

Patient-centered model

We treat patients with the same care and compassion you do. We take time to understand your mission and values, bringing a tailored, intentional approach to each patient interaction.

Superior training

Our award-winning training leads the industry, from new hire onboarding to ongoing regulatory and educational updates.

Dedicated account management

Your Xtend Healthcare team is dedicated exclusively to you. They know your policies and standards, and they ensure they are always followed.

Self-pay success story: by the numbers

Since 2014, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, CA has placed more than 30,000 self-pay accounts with us. To date, we have resolved more than $63M from those accounts – 94% of the net dollars placed with us. This cash flow stability helps the hospital continue delivering on its commitments to its patients, community, and people.

Extensive reporting packages

Including HFMA standard performance metrics (MAP keys).

Predictive scoring and segmentation

Using your account data – and applying our technology and decades of evidence and experience – we create your unique scoring and segmentation model that optimizes workflows, increases collections, and reduces bad debt write-offs.

Regulatory focus

Our dedicated risk management team constantly monitors regulatory issues to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws. We also can provide your team with regulatory education as a value-add extension of our partnership.