Accelerated recovery

Customized support for long-term results

Despite your business office’s best efforts, many disruptive factors can cause you to fall behind on A/R follow-up activity: system conversions; staffing shortages and turnover; mergers and divestitures; and unforeseen surges in service. Whatever your challenges are, we can help.

Through our accelerated recovery solutions, we can customize a solution where our RCM experts work hand in hand with you — onsite, offsite, or both — to get you back on track. Our experienced staff has been a financial lifeline for hundreds of customers nationwide. The impact of our expertise lasts long after our role ends because we provide you with the knowledge and process improvements to prevent backlogs and other issues from recurring down the road.

Our expertise includes:

  • Providing immediate cash flow improvements
  • Optimizing cash recovery from your account portfolio
  • Resolving claims and overturning denials
  • Working A/R during a system conversion (e.g., EHR, patient accounting, billing), so your team can focus on learning and starting fresh in the new system
  • Identifying, documenting, and implementing enhanced processes, systems, and account resolution techniques
  • Providing safety net solutions to resolve your difficult-to-collect accounts
  • Training staff on new procedures, best practices, and compliance requirements

"Xtend quickly deployed an onsite team and designated key service center directors/managers to position our hospital and clinic for immediate cash flow improvement."

  — A California hospital

Need onsite help? Offsite help? Both? We’ve got you covered. 

We can provide you with timely account resolution, side-by-side training, onsite leadership, and quick resolutions to your cash collection issues. We assign you a full-time, dedicated Project Director who:

  • Leads a team of revenue cycle professionals in our service center or onsite with your business office team;
  • Is readily available to your staff and leadership, ensuring immediate issue resolution; and
  • Actively coordinates and communicates with your management and our service center, ensuring your workflows, policies, and priorities are understood and followed.

Our customers report that our onsite/offsite approach reinforces accountability and optimizes outcomes.