Xtend Your Revenue Cycle Operation, Staff, and Technology Assets To Improve Your Bottom Line

Xtend Healthcare has earned a reputation as the premier company in revenue cycle management.

How? By consistently helping healthcare providers improve their financial performance and productivity in both the short term and the long term — a track record backed by references.


Revolutionize Your Revenue Cycle Delivery

By supporting your HIM staff with coding and CDI resources and your Business Office with billing and collection resources, Xtend Healthcare can eliminate unworked claims, unclog workflow processes, and increase cash follow– revolutionizing the way you manage your revenue cycle operation. Does your health system need a partner who can

Extend your staff and IT assets

For all processes in the middle and back end of your revenue cycle, Xtend can serve as a seamless extension of your revenue cycle operation, at your site, from our onshore service centers, or from off-shore locations. We will base our staff where you want them and provide you with an accurate estimate of the ROI you can expect from our relationship. Your success is our only goal.

Since our powerful workflow and management tools require no software to install or maintain, we can extend the useful life of your IT system.

Improve your bottom line

In a variety of ways, Xtend can improve your financial performance:

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Xtend provided quality work, did a good job of following up on our accounts, and have been the best outsourcing partner we have ever worked with.