Safety net

Aged A/R solutions delivering a positive ROI

As your A/R ages, the dollar amount you can expect to recover decreases. Add on the costs of the staff needed to work those accounts, and the return on investment starts to look less than promising. When every revenue source is critical, healthcare organizations cannot afford to give up on any segment of their A/R. We can help.

With more than $12B in net patient revenue processed annually, we have the technology, people, and scale to optimize your aged A/R recoveries at a positive ROI for your system.

Solutions for any aged A/R challenge

We have helped hundreds of systems nationwide overcome aged A/R challenges due to issues including:

  • Backlogs from business disruptions (e.g., EHR conversions, acquisitions, divestitures)
  • Lack of staffing resources and/or skillsets
  • Challenges with technologies, processes, or workflows

Whatever your challenges with A/R, our revenue cycle professionals and time-tested strategies can help you maintain a stable and predictable cash flow.

Our typical engagement process

Our typical engagement process Graph

The benefits of partnering with Xtend

Technology and reporting

Our proprietary revenue cycle workflow platform, Prism, integrates seamlessly with your patient accounting system. Prism provides deep, real-time insights into factors affecting your A/R – e.g., account status, next appropriate resolution action, and payer adjudication errors – and uses skill-based routing to ensure accounts reach the right experts to resolve the issues and generate cash.


We are immediately ready to dedicate seasoned staff to work your portfolio. We will follow your protocols and treat your patients with the same care and respect that you do. We manage the people and outcomes, so you can focus on your mission-critical projects.

Case in point

Our technology and expertise helped one of our customers increase their liquidation rate by 8% and improve their >90-day A/R by 15%.

Management action plans (MAP)

Throughout our engagement we will provide you with detailed insights and actionable guidance on your A/R processes and systems, identify root cause issues, and share tangible corrective actions designed to ensure long-term revenue success.