Front-end solutions that drive success throughout your entire revenue cycle

Executed properly, your front end sets you, your staff, and your patients up for success throughout all other stages of your revenue cycle. But if anything is not working as it should, it can create serious problems with your cash flow and patient experience down the line.

Our intelligent front-end solutions help ensure your revenue cycle runs smoothly, right from the start.

Intelligent front-end technology

We can modernize your patient experience with front-end tools including: 

  • Online scheduling for even the most complex scenarios
  • Automated outreach via IVR and text
  • Preauthorization identification
  • Identity and insurance scrubs


  • Verify demographic and insurance information
  • Estimate patient responsibility and ability to pay
  • Contact patients and make payment arrangements
  • Collaborate with departments and physician offices


Take incoming patient calls and set up appointments for your ancillary departments

  • Schedule patients for correct facility, visit type, and physician
  • Screen calls to assure in-network insurance, and/or notify caller and staff regarding prior authorization requirements
  • Schedule tests and procedures according to your standards


  • Manage check-in process
  • Obtain insurance cards
  • Obtain necessary signatures and scan and enter documents into your system
  • Help insured patients understand amounts due
  • Input physicians’ information into patient account, including orders

Insurance eligibility/authorization

  • Individual and batch-mode verification (multiple times during a single episode of care)
  • Obtain preauthorization/precertification
  • Handled and resolved by experienced, centralized team
  • Real-time verification for short-notice appointments, via clearinghouses and payer portals
  • Medical necessity documentation pulled directly from your EHR

Financial counseling

Our counselors help your underinsured and uninsured patients manage their financial liability and locate alternate payment sources. These services minimize negative revenue exposure and reinforce your commitment to providing care to those in need.

  • Educate patients on their financial responsibilities
  • Identify if patients qualify for government and/or charity care programs
  • Assist patients in preparing and submitting government, community, financial aid, and charity care applications


  • Reconcile point of service patient payment cash
  • Facilitate secure payment entry
  • Manage cash exchanges between your site and patients, visitors, employees, and departments