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RevCycle Talks is our podcast series, a must for hospital CFOs and healthcare finance executives.

Doug Polasky, Executive Vice President at Xtend, discusses the healthcare labor crisis’s impact on revenue cycle performance, how leaders can plan for long-term success during the crisis, and the role workplace culture plays in supporting overburdened staff.*

Linda Corley, Xtend’s Chief Compliance Officer, provides surprise billing insights, clarifies when and for whom a Good Faith Estimate is required, and explores what's next for the No Surprises Act.*

Theresa Mathew Jenkins, Vice President Sales, West Region at Xtend, and Cindy French McMorris, Revenue Cycle Director at SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) discuss how our partnership has evolved over time and the benefits both sides have realized.*

Billy Padilla, Xtend’s Chief Information Officer, discusses the benefits of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the revenue cycle.*

Linda Corley discusses compliant reimbursement, and explains how providers can prepare for changes to Medicare reimbursement.*

Daniel Brooks, Xtend’s Chief Commercial Officer, discusses RCM optimization initiatives that health systems should consider in the current financial environment and the evolution of revenue cycle technology.*


Linda Corley goes "in the trenches" with the No Surprises Act, exploring successes, challenges, and how to prepare for what comes next.

Mike Morris and Billy Padilla lay out a "path from good to great" for providers looking to enhance their revenue cycle automation.

Mike Morris and Linda Corley discuss surprise billing legislation and potential wins for providers' revenue cycles.*

Mike Morris and Linda Corley discuss the latest how-to’s and how-not-to’s on price transparency and related topics.*

Articles and Publications

Xtend is proud to sponsor HFMA’s "Healthcare 2030" series which unpacks the challenges and opportunities for CFOs and other healthcare leaders created by the evolving industry.

Mike Morris and Billy Padilla provide five key insights for providers that want to bring more automation to their revenue cycle.*

* Presented in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare

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