Advanced Security, IT Compatibility and Analytics

Taking on the responsibility to protect your patient's PHI!

Xtend Healthcare’s connectivity does not require a detailed integration project. We can be working on your accounts, using your health system’s processes in less than 30 days. Xtend Healthcare’s timely reporting provides you with the valuable insight into issues that can be resolved upstream in the RCM process as well as documenting the performance of our revenue cycle process. The reports included are:

Xtend also provides our detailed observations about the accounts we are working. This valuable feedback can assist your health system in avoiding future claim defects.

Xtend's Security Offerings

Xtend Healthcare’s platform has the imbedded security protection you require and won’t consume your valuable IT resources.

  1. Managed Intrusion Detection and PreventionDell SecureWorks provides 24/7 IPS monitoring by certified Security Analysis that will prevent cyber attacks. Regular Network Vulnerability Testing using Dell SecureWorks experts.
  2. Xtend uses only net generation firewall equipment. This ensures that all of our networks are protected and our VPN capabilities meet the latest in security standards.
  3. Xtend uses Global Scape EFT server for SFTP. This allows Xtend to provide safe and secure file transfer methods for all data shared between us and our clients.
  4. Vormetric Encryption. Xtend has implemented DDPE on all user computers, both in the office and in the field, which provides encryption of all data on the PC and any data written to external devices.
  5. E-mail Encryption.
  6. ZIX email security. To ensure that no PHI is sent via email without being encrypted. ZixCorp is a leader in Healthcare Email Protection as the Zix Secure Email system is used in one of every five U.S. hospitals. Xtend also protects email on mobile devices using AirWatch Mobile Device management solution.

We understand that HIPAA and HITECH Compliance have strict security requirements that we, as a Business Associate, must comply with under HIPAA and HITECH to provide the protection for the PHI we control.

Xtend has contracted with Peak 10 to provide datacenter hosting. Peak 10 provides a hardened bunker-style datacenter that can run for weeks without external power. This data center is equipped with he lated in fire suppression and prevention technologies available and has multiple sources of connectivity, from different service provides to our datacenter to provide redundant routes in the event of a network outage.