Analytics. Technology. Security.

We build our technology with you in mind, ensuring you get the insights you need and your patients have the protection they deserve.


Our on-demand reporting provides you with valuable insight into issues that can be resolved throughout the RCM process and documents the performance of our revenue cycle support. Reports include:

We also provide detailed observations about the accounts we are working, helping you avoid future claim defects.


Our connectivity does not require a detailed integration project. We can start working on your accounts — using your own processes — in less than 30 days.

Our system complements your existing patient accounting environment. At all times, your systems remain the “system of record”.  The work events driven by Prism, Xtend Healthcare’s proprietary accounts receivable inventory and workflow management system, are documented in your patient accounting system, which eliminates any risk of our respective systems “getting out of balance”.

Prism greatly improves efficiencies, consistency, and quality in accounts receivable work by allowing Xtend Healthcare to be autonomous in performing accounts receivable management. Prism utilizes best practice workflows and work processes to ensure timely, consistent, and high-quality account work, while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts. Within Prism, we have the capability to perform skill-based routing of accounts depending on the segmentation methodologies employed utilizing a combination of X12 files and robotic process automation (RPA).

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Our platform includes the security protection that you require — and that your patients expect — and won’t consume your valuable IT resources. We understand HIPAA and HITECH’s strict security requirements, and as a trusted business associate we comply completely with them to protect the PHI we control.