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Billy Padilla

Chief Information Officer

Billy Padilla

Billy Padilla combines 15 years of experience in systems engineering, operations and information management with innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to offer our clients the benefit of leading-edge technology.

As conceptual designer of Xtend’s proprietary Inventory Management System (IMS), as well as the creator of the Automated Claim Status (ACS) module, Billy has helped our company use these advanced systems to exceed “Best of Practice” parameters in managing operations.

Billy manages Xtend’s programming staff and network technicians and provides technical support to more than 800 users across multiple locations. He also serves as the company’s Security Officer.

Previously, Billy had been part of two predecessor companies that ultimately became Xtend. He served those companies in various roles, first as Information Systems Manager for HMR, then as Associate Vice President of Information Technology and Vice President of Information Technology for Xtensia.

A rare find in today's market.
Xtend accomplished a resolution rate of over 99%.

Alaska Hospital

Highly recommend for anyone in need of cash acceleration or conversion assistance.

Midwest Hospital

Many of the operational improvements that Xtend implemented will produce positive results in the upcoming months and years.

Colorado Hospital

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