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Tammy Caballero

Executive Vice President

Tammy Caballero

Tammy Caballero directs corporate marketing and sales for Xtend. Overseeing the efforts of a collaborative team of marketing and sales experts, she has responsibility for all aspects of the marketing program and directly supports and recruits sales team members.

Earlier in her career, Tammy was Vice President for Advanced Receivables Strategy, the company established by Xtend founders Tom O’Neill and Howard Kirshner. In that role she managed corporate marketing and was responsible for the Western Region sales team. Tammy is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and has over 25 years of healthcare experience.

Xtend has helped us increase our cash flow, reduce the days in A/R, and improve the efficiency of our business operations.

Colorado Hospital

Highly recommend for anyone in need of cash acceleration or conversion assistance.

Midwest Hospital

They are able to identify the problems, whether it is a system issue or insurance issue, and solve them. They are sharp, capable, reliable and very easy to work with.

Texas Hospital

They solved an issue with Medicaid that had been ongoing for nine months. It took them two days to identify and correct.

Texas Hospital

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